“Room” for Improvement.

Previously I shared Avalon’s room, you can see it here.

It seems no small task to get their rooms tidy enough to take photos to share, but I am sharing Santanna’s room because it needs to be redone read, paint, and decor.

By far it is the hardest to get her to keep her room organized, it seems like every time we “deep clean” it and I give her bins and tips, and take more out, it just ends up haphazard all over again.  Cool with me if she can find things…but thats not the case.

Anway…here is her room AS IS:

Walking in we have a coat hook, I think this might have to go, it feels like a catchall and clutters the entrance?

Ebay 555

Looking in from the hallway, can you see that we have started to patch holes in preparation for fresh paint, probably evident in every picture;)…oh and there’s Farley..he loves Santanna!

Curtains need to go/change, I painted her name in one color than was going to change it to match the Circo Love and Nature bedding, which will probably stay, but never finished…add that to the l ist.

Ebay 562 copy

Bed side table….less stuff, or maybe one on each side, for books and alarm clock, lamp?

Ebay 556 copy

These shelves used to be over a bookshelf, and now just look out-of-place, I think they need to move to a more thoughtful/purposeful place.

Ebay 557 copy

Here is what houses almost all her books and toys, it was 2 bookshelves ( that we built) and repurposed into a cubby system. Notice those green woven bins from Target again that I used in the pantry …man I might have bought them all from our store.

Ebay 558

I would love to see a cushion on part of this??  She likes to set up her toys and play n it, so maybe just 1/2 for a cozy reading spot.

Ebay 559 copy

View of her bed sitting on the cubby system with my back to the window, you can see the heavy blanket peeking out from under her bedding, it gets COLD here, layers are cozy!! She needs a headboard or bed frame of some sort.

Ebay 561 copy

Recap of to do list for this room

  • Paint
  • Move coat hook
  • Paint her letters or remove
  • Bedside table…add another/declutter
  • purposeful shelving and wall decor
  • Headboard/footboard, bed frame
  • Cushion on cubby system

Littlest Girls Room

At one point we had all 3 girls sharing this room, it was a fun idea, the sisterly love was there, but this room just does not provide enough space for 3.
It was a sage green color that we loved, but like all the walls in our house it needed a fresh coat over the builder flat paint that we insisted they not use…flat paint is just not a good idea.

2011 June 1637 copy

We painted it a very light gray, I put together a  duvet cover for her bed, she’s really into polka dots, and made the ladder style bedside table.

2013 March 008

Pinterest inspired embroidery hoop fabric pieced wall decor:

Embroidery wall Hanging

We hung 3 mirrors on her wall to make the space feel, bigger, they hang on the wall across from her window which lets in fantastic day light. The pink Bilbo toy serves as a step stool for our little shorty to reach her light and fan switch.

2013 March 011

100+ year old metal bed from our family farm, it was bronze but has been painted a number of items, we painted it white over a previous blue, so it has an amazing patina.

2013 March 013

Antique toolbox at the end of her bed holds all the books that will not fit on the bedside table, if we have too many of anything at our house it is books, but I think that’s a great thing;)

2013 March 009

2013 March 016

One wall that houses her closet, we have a plan for some of the closet pace in our house, we might take 1/2 of this closet and give it to the adjoining room.  Than take the closet from that room and add it into our MB closet space…stay tuned.

2013 March 019