Yes, the annual Heise Gypsy Trot is under way.
I have cleaned and organized as best I can the entire house, who likes coming home to a messy house?
I have made the kids lists of what to pack, some may not have enough stuffed animals when we get where we are going but c’mon I bet there are stores in cities whose zip codes start with a 9, right?!

We are heading to the city by they bay, to see my brother, uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents.   I bet you are wondering why in the world I am here in MN and not in that sunshine state, I know me too!!

We will be gone for almot 3 weeks, 6 days of which will be driving.

I will have loads of photos when we get back until then….enjoy summer!

Rollin’ in a Palomino..

Little Vanilla Ice lyrical redo lead in and … drum rolll….

Guess whose family will not be attacked by rabid raccoons or stuck  laying on our half deflated air mattresses looking at the tent ceiling this summer?

Mine!  That’s right we went all out and bought a pop up camper, but not just  any pop up camper, this one has hard sides, which is very cool.  Not sure if they are hard to find or not, but we went to a neighboring state to get this baby:

p 1

As for rabid raccoons and rain storms, both are true.  Last year on our annual “gypsy trot” summer family vacation we encountered 2 days or torrential rain in Ludington, MI, which is an amazing beautiful quaint little town.  Imagine all 6 of  us in our 2 room “deluxe” tent laying on air mattresses, some that were really failing to hold their air, trying not to touch the walls for fear that water might leak in.

Now if we are caught in the rain I imagine that we can at least sit or stand *gasp* and play games and enjoy the storm.

p 3

This camper has a King size bed on one end, and a queen size bed on the other end, the table folds down and becomes a bed as well.  plenty of room for all of us. We looked at quite a few campers on Craigslist before deciding on this one, and with Jon’s height 6’2″ and the size of our family we decided this platform was going to be the best for our family.  There are quite a few that are a little smaller with a queen on one side and a full on the other, most have the fold down table option.

p 4





Table turned into bed.

this also has air-conditioning and heating, a shower, which I do not think we will use, and a potty!!!  No more late night running through th campground to pee.  This was not on our must have list but it is a nice option to have.  This is a hinged lid that lifts up and viola, potty.


In all honesty I would LOVE…LOVE to find an old airstream, we almost bought one once 3-4 years ago, but it needed a lot of work.  there was also a pop up for sale while we were looking that had a that nice 70’s orange stove and sink, the vintage spoke to me, but it had the smaller bed platform.

So we have stainless which I really like as well.

p 2

I am hoping to whip out my handy Singer machine and sew some new curtains and valance to retro this out a little bit.

I might even paint the cabinets, and definitely I have to replace the gold handles and hinges….not a fan of gold much.  Oooh and maybe a name?!?!

So there it is, the new camper on the block.  We are really excited to gypsy around in it!