Spring Break day 4…..No joke

Man I wished I would have pulled off some amazingly witty and creative April Fools Day pranks on some unsuspecting kids or husband that I know and love.

Truth is I didn’t.

However all 4 kids actively helped out cleaning our 3 bathrooms, and they are shiny and clean.  Give a kid some water and soap and once all the excess water dries up, there is not a dirty spot in the place.

I did pull off making dinner for everyone, look who showed up:

This little kitty cat who daintily ate her meal:

Ebay 003 copy


A 2 horned super girl, she mostly snarled and ate:

Ebay 005 copy


This girl time traveled from the disco era to join us:

Ebay 012 copy

Then there was this guy….and he’s no joke:

Ebay 019 copy

Anybody pull off any great pranks???

Also Happy 3rd Birthday to Farley, wasn’t he cute?  He now weight 135 pounds, one of these days I will tell you all his story, but for now…..Awwwww!  Look at how cute he was!!!:


Spring Break …2013…Day Two

All three girls (yes they are feeling better, must have been a 24 hour bug, thank goodness!)  have dance this morning so Jon is taking them, they are missing out on the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt in the park which they participated in last year and had a lot of fun.

However, the weather is dreary and their dance recital is in 5 weeks so I think they need the practice…I am sure they bunny will bring eggs filled with candy tomorrow so even though they are bummed, I have zero momma guilt!

Speaking of dreary weather, I am scheduled for an 11 mile training run today, how crazy does that sound, 11 miles of practice!  It was warmed up here and I was realllllly hoping to take it outside, but windy rain does not sound like awesome running weather , just for practice.

Change in plans, I did an hour kettlebell work out instead, since Jon keeps telling me how much nicer tomorrow is going to be, and to be honest I have been training so hard, it is nice to have a break when we are all home together.

Jon and the kids went outside to clear the downspout for the sump pump after lunch, all of a sudden I hear ” oh my gosh!!!”  “ewwwwww”  “no way that just came out of there” so of course I grabbed my camera and here is what came out…..

Warning it is a little icky.

2013 March 1022

We think this is the vole that was running a muck through our garden last year, not sure how he lost his head….poor guy, but of course the kids were fascinated.  Ahhh nature, never a dull moment.

On a lighter note,  we ventured out early in the evening with my Aunt and saw the movie “The Croods”,:


I have to say I was hesitant, after watching a trailer for this movie.  Jon and I do not go on movie dates, at home or to the theater so most of my recently watched movies ARE kid movies and The Croods was better than I expected, we all enjoyed it, this movie gives a clear and important message to live life and not hide in fear.  Instead of fearing the unknown explore life, travel, try new things and LIVE….what better message is there than that.  And on a side note, lets say I was a young animated girl, this “Guy” would be my heart-throb:

the-croods-new-picture (1)

I know that is not weird at all…thank  you. And tonight I am considering movie popcorn and the fresh strawberries I smuggled in (yes, I am that mom….shhhh please don’t tell, they sell nothing that comes from nature at the theater) a well-rounded dinner.

Everyone went to bed REALLY excited to see what the bunny has for them in the morning!