Spring Break day 4…..No joke

Man I wished I would have pulled off some amazingly witty and creative April Fools Day pranks on some unsuspecting kids or husband that I know and love.

Truth is I didn’t.

However all 4 kids actively helped out cleaning our 3 bathrooms, and they are shiny and clean.  Give a kid some water and soap and once all the excess water dries up, there is not a dirty spot in the place.

I did pull off making dinner for everyone, look who showed up:

This little kitty cat who daintily ate her meal:

Ebay 003 copy


A 2 horned super girl, she mostly snarled and ate:

Ebay 005 copy


This girl time traveled from the disco era to join us:

Ebay 012 copy

Then there was this guy….and he’s no joke:

Ebay 019 copy

Anybody pull off any great pranks???

Also Happy 3rd Birthday to Farley, wasn’t he cute?  He now weight 135 pounds, one of these days I will tell you all his story, but for now…..Awwwww!  Look at how cute he was!!!:


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