Gearing the Kids Up For Spring

I am gearing up for spring, it is a must, it is like getting closer to the light in the tunnel of dark winter gloomies.  I see swimsuits in the weekend ads, and it reminds me that warm weather is coming and our closets need to be prepared.  Keeping with my New Years Resolution, I think there is no time like the present to start gathering what the kids will need for spring, since knowing that is may be a bit of a challenge, I have noticed that boys clothes are harder to find, especially in Solomon’s size.  I know how hard boys can be on clothes so this is not that surprising. Below is the start to the list of what I think they will need:



Rain boots

Mid weight jacket for chilly days


2 or 3 hoodies

4-5 Long sleeve tops

6 -8 short sleeve tops…keeping in mind that spring is muddy and messy and we will be fully enjoying it!!


3-4 Pants maybe a few more for Solomon since he does not wear dress/skirts;)

4-5 pair of shorts or capris for the girls

2-3 Skirts

3-4 Dresses


Rain boots…also listed above

Good pair of running shoes…these will be bought new

Good pair of Sandals…every year I buy each kid a pair of Keen H2 Newport Sandals they are hands down THE BEST!!!





What did I miss?

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