Scrapped out

 I went to this home based business party at a friend’s house about 2 years ago it was a party that offered the latest and greatest in digital scrapbooking.  I am a big fan of anything artsy and crafty and had so enjoyed scrapbooking with the unlimited possibilities that one could create on a 12 X 12 piece of paper that also included pictures of my loved ones and preserved a memory in a book that could be looked at repeatedly.  So I bought a “package”  which included a premier membership to all the digital paper, alphabets, brad, and other tags I could imagine along with an 8 X 8 book.  Great started package right?  Also being the great friend that I am and having gotten thoroughly caught up in the excitement….which never happens at these parties…there may also have been wine;)  I signed up to have my own house party.

At my party I served margaritas (is there a theme?) and other got excited about this great digital scrapbooking package.  Short story long I ended up with the premier package membership for 2 years and over $400 dollars in scrapbook credits.  Yowza!

Reality hit, I had to etch out time to make these projects, digital doesn’t necessarily mean easier!!  I made a 5 x 7 book for my mom that she loved and brought tears to her eyes.  Once again inspired the time flew by, without much scrapping.

Last month I realized that I had approximately 6 weeks before my over $400 dollars worth of credits expired!!! GASP!!

So instead of doing anything else after the little darlings went to bed I have been scrapbooking and making a few galley wrapped canvases. 

I made:

 2- 20 X 24 galley wrapped canvases of our family

4- 8 X 8 galley wrapped canvases; one head shot of each child with their name and age printed on the side.

1- 8 x 8 board book of Avalon’s first 10 months, this was a template or I would have done the whole first year….

1- 8 X 8 canvas that is a little owl in a tree art piece that says Santanna’s Room, this should go with her Target Love and Nature bedding…I hope

1- 12 X 12 2010 H**** family scrapbook…65 pages documenting our year…I am so excited!!

I am thrilled to have that done…whew.  I will post pictures of the canvases as they come in and we get them on the walls….it may be 3-4 weeks depending on the production time.

So now, I should have more time to blog:)

Stay tuned for some of my goodwill finds for spring.

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