A new L shaped garden

I posted a little while ago that we have a city garden plot.  Our hope is that we can still grown and enjoy our  own vegetables and maybe reclaim some of our small yard to give our 4 kids and large dog a bit  more space to stretch out in.  Our last frost was last week, and today it is 80+ with major humidity! WElcome summer, with that we have begun the project of moving our existing garden space which was somewhat of a back row on the property to a corner L shape…I think we are going to end up with more actual garden pace this way.

Here is the garden space as it was…

In the corner of the L I am going to move our compost bin that we now have on the west side of the house next to the A/C unit, it does not get enough sun to get “hot” so it is really just more of an organic matter holder, not what I had in mind.  I am going to put a little pea gravel walkway up to it, this will also give us a way to weed and work with the plants on each side.

Where are garden was, we are going to plant a Dwarf Albert Colorado Spruce tree, it will get to be 15-18 feet high and 12-15 feet wide.  On each side of the pine we are going to put a white lilac plant.  This will provide a bit of a natural privacy fence you can see is needed.

We framed it in old railroad ties, these are $6.99 for 8 feet at our local do-it-all store note that none of these are uniform or even so we had to make each space unique and level to the board and land.  These are also VERY heavy!!

Here is where we are so far.  It proceeded to rain so we gathered all our tools and quickly got inside.

You can see the finished garden here.

3 thoughts on “A new L shaped garden

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  2. Thanks, it was a good bit of work, but it actually came together quickly, I have already harvested a head of raomine from the new garden. I jsut posted the finished projects if you want to check them out.

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