Thumbs Up!

A cold.  It is creeping up on me,  I wake up in the morning and it truly sounds like there is a frog in my throat, I cough and mucus shrapnel hit the roof of my mouth, too much?! Yeah too much for me too.  It is an all respiratory cold.  Training run this morning = 12 miles.  I wake up 1 hour late.

Cold it kicking my a$$.  I have to check 12 mile off the list.

I buckle on my Garmin, tie my shoes, Velcro the fuel belt on and head out on a new 12 mile loop that I mapped out, with loads of hills….great(big eye roll followed by a froggy cough).  Exercise is supposed to boost your immune system right?!  I chug down the power -C hubby so thoughtfully made for me.

4 miles in going fine, a little slow but fine.

Mile 6, dragging a little, on a blacktop country road way out in by the airport with nothing in site but a red barn way off in the distance that is my right turn towards home….a green GMC truck comes  along, the drive gives me a HUGE thumbs up sign.

Cold not kicking my a$$, me kicking 12 miles in the A$$, hoping it comes around full circle, on the immune system.   I realized here I am on a gray day in the middle of nowhere running my heart out, for a training plan that I adhere to even when it is the perfect day to be inside nursing a cold reading about ALL the shades of gray, and this person just reinforced my strengths with the universal sign for way to go!

Positive support from strangers is not lost on this girl.  What a boost that strange thumbs up was…thanks  guy!!!!

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