VOTING NO C’mon Minnesota Join me!

I can say with most certainty that I will probably never have a wife, as much as I could use another wife around the house, and I am also certain Jon will never have a husband. However, in our house we value and teach acceptance and differences.  Our children are taught not to judge and to do what makes them happy in life, regardless of mainstream propaganda and insinuations on what will make you happy.

This being said, both Jon and I will Vote NO on the marriage amendment, because we know that this vote will support any future choices in happiness that a friend, daughter, neighbor, brother, coworker, sister, cousin, classmate, son etc. will want to make.

When you get  your ballot and step into a booth you have a choice, and isn’t that an awesome feeling??!!  Don’t use your power of vote to negate someone else’s choices in life.

One thought on “VOTING NO C’mon Minnesota Join me!

  1. Rebjat, a gde forum, chtoby vyzsakat’sja. Tak kak est’ chto skazat’, vpolno ne gromko no dovol’no chetko jasno. A poluchaetsja, chto to kak-to i sajt dazhe ne ptvechaet svoemu nazvaniju.

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