Conquering One Daughters Closet

Last day Of January and I am still rolling on the organization of this house that breathes life and excitement.  When I wake up every morning I really want to take the house room by room, or at least one room at a day, unfortunately real life does not allow for that, so I am settling for small victories, as often as I can make them happen.
I decided to tackle Santanna’s closet, she is the lucky recipient of ALL her older sisters hand me downs , plus loads from a close neighbor friend who has 3 girls. Lets just say this closet is bursting on most days of all seasons.

Ebay 001Ebay 003

Notice anything repetitive??  Yep those are the same plastic woven bins I used on my pantry reorganization.  Each bin holds a certain grouping, for example there is one for socks/tights, one for jammies, one for leggings.   I think I am going to figure out a picture label for her, since she is just learning to read, also I want to ask hubby to build a shelf to go on the side with the bins, to utilize more of the space, and have some shoe shelves, or maybe find some at a store.

Ebay 005 Ebay 006 Ebay 008

As with the pantry I have a bag of garbage, a bag to sell on the garage sale and a bag of donation.  Ahhhh, small accomplishments on large amounts of coffee and child compliance, life is pretty good….wonder how long this closet will stay this way????

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