Whiter and Brighter

It was time.

I did love the color, but it was dark, it’s winter, things needed to be brighter, we have 4 kids that kick off boots, throw down back packs, a dog that slobbers, hands that use the wall instead of the railing…you get the idea.

We painted the entry way.

Here is a photo I found of the before color:

2012 October 002

Two  more…not great, I took these at night when the kids were sleeping, this is the only safe time to paint at our house without *help*, but you get the idea.

Ebay 029

Ebay 026

Nice right??!! I do love this color, it took a few tries to get this right, it may even be a custom blend.

But here is what it looks like now:

Ebay 007

Ebay 010

It is so much brighter and cleaner feeling, I love the cool darker colors, but to be honest this space just needs a light bright color to make this space feel more inviting.  We do not have a mudroom or separate entrance, that will be a must have in our next house, so this is where everyone enters our house, the door next to the mirror is the door to the garage, so we really use this landing space  ALL. THE. TIME.

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