I took Friday and Saturday of from running, which cancelled a total of 16 miles from my training plan.

Sunday I rode 20 miles on a stationary bike at teh club.

This coming Saturday is my Duathalon…Dualathon…whichever…2 sports one race ūüėČ

I am felling better so today I ran a slow 4 miles on the treadmill, still to rainy to go outside.

I made it no pain, my back still¬†hurts just a little¬†bit in certain positions, I am very thankful¬†that I did no severely¬†injure¬†myself, I think I just¬†tweaked something doing a sloppy kettlebell¬†workout…I¬† might just¬†need a little more sleep.

I fell so much better. I could feel myself getting crabby and not coping with life as well.

Truth is running is my reset button, somehow it has become part of me, like breathing or sunshine, I thrive with it in my life.

Crazy to understand if it is not your gig, plain truth if you are a runner.


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