Super Sib Cape – Birthday Gift

Santanna’s best friend has an older sister, who is battling a brain tumor with all the energy she can muster. I know I have briefly written about this before, and I ran my last marathon for team Ana.

Elsa and Santanna have an extremely special bond. We are a place that E can come and escape some of the burden of chemo and pills and sadness that is detected even when I am sure it is trying not to show itself. She is a “super sib” and has been praised as that in many aspects and events. Not enough in the shadow of cancer, but she knows she is loved and valued.

Santanna and Elsa have know each other since they were 3 and now that they are both just turning 6, that is like forever!

All Elsa wanted for her birthday according to her mom was Santanna.

What do you give as a gift to a girl who adamantly prays for a cure for her sister’s cancer? For normalcy?

I can’t tell you….

But we did make her a super E cape, a reminder that she is amazing and wonderful, and as many other little girls would love…one for her American Girl Doll.

It was really an easy project, and E loved it!!

Here is Tanna modeling it with our own AG doll  Lucy:

2013 May 025 copy

If you have it in you, whatever your persuasion or belief, even though you do not know their family, will you please take a moment and use your heart to give a beat for Ana.  They really are an amazing family.  I know they will feel and appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Super Sib Cape – Birthday Gift

    • i would say that you are on exactly the right track, by doing what your intuition is telling you to do. so important that these kids and their friends and sibs, are allowed to just be kids, play like kids, think like kids, etc.

      so much time is spent with them all being expected to take part in roles that would be extremely challenging even for an adult: ‘as a patient, as an understanding friend,no one talks to them about it, they feel bad on every level, they deal with all the invasive tests, procedures and setbacks, etc.’

      in actuality, they are kids and it is overwhelming for them. the patients become very wise before their time and older than their chronological age in their view of life. keep their childhood in the forefront as much as possible. the best gift you can offer these kids )

  1. this is beautiful and a wonderful gesture. i have survived a young nephew who lost the battle to this cruel disease. you are providing an invaluable gift to these children who are so closely connected.

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