Can everyone see in the back?

The sisters at the hospital my husband works at were having their annual? semiannual sale, this past Monday, now normally I can pass these sales up, I do not need any more old heavy outdated furniture that I intend to flip in my spare time…who am I kidding?  Nor do I need any  vintage clothing, shoes or other randoms regardless of the phenomenal prices or intention I may have for any of the many relics that have been stored up for this sale.

However, hubby told me that there were overhead projectors at this sale!!!!!  Hold on, my inner child…the one who wants an oompa loompa NOW, was like yes please.  When hubby left his night shift he went down and purchased a cart, with  not one but 2 overhead  projectors and 4 boxes of the see though paper!!! 

Now for me I can clearly remember teachers having these slides all written up on the days lesson/spelling list and carefully sliding another non-transparent paper down so as not to give away what was coming.  I also remember very rare moments when a student would be allowed to come up and do a math problem on the overhead!!

I now possess two!!  I have the power…of light..on my wall….what to do???

Make up a game!  So 5 of us…Avalon is a bit small but still had a great time, chose small objects, carefully numbered them, covered them with a cloth and then revealed them and had everyone else guess what they were.  The kids had a blast.

Do you have an overhead?  What else should we do with this…I do not want to squander the power.

One more ……