Keeping Pace on Running Bib Numbers

It is amazing how good intentions and great ideas can be waylaid by life.  I can’t even express the awe I have have for some the bloggers who have families like ours, some even way bigger and have regularly fresh and inspirational posts.

I still have the ideas and posts in my head, and often when I go to bed I think I should have jotted down a little something.  Another goal…right;)

Anyway, I am a runner, an avid runner, it is my freedom, my Prozac, my therapy and time I get just for me.  I do not have a running partner for training, but I do have a racing partner.  When I go out run it is ME time, but when I race I love to share the experience with someone else, and maybe the hotel fee.

I have not blogged much on here about my running, I like to share more of the projects we work on, but it is a large part of my life and as the weather warms up will become more so.  I will probably back blog some of my race info and results, for my own personal record.

I started running after baby 3 was born, for the same reason most of us to…weight loss, but I am an athlete at heart and love to set and achieve goals and running became a part of me.  Since then I have completed 3 full marathon, 4 1/2 marathons and so many other races I do not have a count.

Here is what I have done as inspiration and a tribute to myself, I have saved every bib number, and on the back I have written my age, the date, the length of the race, (if it was not noted on the bib), and my pace for that race.  It is like a 3D journal plus when I run a race that I have previously run I can look back and see what my time was and try to better it.Image

I have yet to decide what I am going to do with my medals. Anyone else have a system for their racing momentos?