Plannig the Day Before…St Patty’s Day Menu

FLame me if you l ike, but this first thing that comes to mind for this holiday is beer.
Can’t help it, something about this holiday and drinking may or may not go hand in hand.
Second, like all holidays…Food, of course.
Hubby enjoys much darker beer than I do so Guinness on the menu is almost a must.
Here is what we are planning for tomorrow nights St Patrick’s Day Meal…thank you Pinterest!


Irish Stew


Irish Soda Bread

There will probably be a glass or two of red wine left over from the Stew recipe and Jon will more than likely drink a Guinness for sport.

Then for dessert I am going to make Thin Mint Milk shakes for the kids, and tint them green.  I do this every year, seems like girls scout cookie sales and this holiday run into each other nicely every year….hmmmmm, works for us!

What are you all cooking for this Holiday.

Any fun traditions?