It is like Christmas in Spring ’round Here

If you have read any previous posts on here, you know that I am a big fan of “thrift” shopping, or second hand clothing, I know this seems like such a trend, which is great, but this is just our way of life, for the most part. I did just splurge on some summer Naartjie clothes for all the kids….but what fun would being totally strict about anything be?

That being said, I somehow in my interweb ramblings, came across the site where they sell great pre- owned children’s clothes/shoes. I am totally impressed with their selection and that everything is in really great condition, and if it not the customer service has been amazing. I received a shirt that had a stain on it and they immediately  issued a refund. They want their customers to be tonally satisfied.

So why is it like Christmas you ask?


These boxes keep showing up;)  When you spend $30 on your order they ship it for free!

They pack it so nicely!!!

Viola! Christmas!!! I have actually found many items that are still new, like those Gymboree tights. Brands I have seen, Mini Boden, Janie and Jack, Gymboree, Gap both kids and baby, Baby Nay, Old Navy, The Children’s Place, Naartjie and more. I have seen some great things from older lines that might be harder to find. They also sell shoes and I found a pair of Keen tennis shoes for Santanna. They put new items up every day and I have been so happy, I decided to share!!

You can also ask for a bag to be sent to y our house that you can put your gently used clothes into, drop of at your post office or a UPS store, or have it picked up from your house and they will buy your clothes from you. I have sent in one and will write what about it after I have more information on how the process went. Check their website for more details on what they purchase.

I just love being able to sit here and not have to look through racks of what is sometimes just too used to be worn, or get it home and realize the snap doesn’t work. It is like the cream of the crop second hand kids shopping.

Thredup did not ask me to write this nor was I given any incentive to write this, I am just really excited about this site, see if you can find something.

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