Today, broken down mostly by kid’s activities*:
Sent son off to Polar Camp right after Breakfast
Creative Dance Class
Tap Class
Ballet Class
Jazz Class
Pump gas
Pick up Polar Camper
Scarf a lunch
Run a 5K (Raivens First!!!)
Drop son off at a bowling party
Off to the Post 5K celebration with friends, and supporting Ana’s fight again cancer
Screech home to meet bowling party drop off
Shower; throw on acceptable “going out” outfits on everyone (read matching shoes, pants in winter, etc) I even had 2 seconds for eye make-up.
Arrive one hour late to a surprise 40th birthday party…surprise we are here
Scarf dinner to take home oldest who is getting a migraine.
Get everyone in bed
Lie down for a second, greet husband through the slits in my eyes, all I could muster.
Dream of me at a rock concert….not quite a beach but I ‘ll take the mental escape.

*This post brought to you by caffeine, patience and will power.

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