Fab Five February 2

Really should be my sixth post, but here I am still at it. I fall off when Jon works, it is enough keeping everyone happy, fed, somewhat clean and alive, I know that 5 items per day will be there when next I have time.
So in an attempt to catch up on 5 items to be sold per day I have a few more than 5. Bringing my total to 12, I have 2 of teh silver lamps, and there are 3 ikea magnetic cutlery holders. it may be harder than I think. to cut 140 items.
Here are todays items:

Ebay 081Ebay 082Ebay 084Ebay 086Ebay 089Ebay 090Ebay 091 Ebay 079Ebay 077

One thought on “Fab Five February 2

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