Thank you!

First of all Fab February has become not so fab, I hate to be a downer and make excuses but this house has not been feeling well, this week alone 2 kids have a combined total of 3 ear infections.  Santanna missed the whole week of Kindergarten and I am just not that into organizing, while rushing to the Doctor and consoling littles.

I am sure I can make up for lsot time.  I have sold 3 things….ugh I so wanted that to be a higher number, but I stilll have 6 days..right!??!

That being said, I really just want to thank all my follwers, new and not new, a few clicks back I recieved a notification of getting 100 likes… cool, and inspiring.   I mean who does not want to be liked???

So thank you, made me feel good times 100!

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