1/2 Marathon Training starts….now! (sub 2:00)

You all know I am a runner, it is like breathing for me, my system starts to shut down when I miss more than a day of running, well not entirely, but emotionally I drain without running.

It clears my mind, takes me away from life, I organize my thoughts, plus get a great caloric burn at the same time.

Last year I ran a PR 1/2 marathon twice. The first in May at the Med City and the second in Duluth at Grandmas 1/2. (1:58:01) 9:01 pace.

I did not get into grandmas 1/2 marathon through the lottery this year, so I am considering running the full 26.2 to join all my girls for the weekend….but that is a bit ahead of where this post is leading.

Below is the training plan, my life, for the next 12 weeks, this puts me right to race day for the Med City Marathon weekend.

This plan will hopefully bring me a new PR, you can see the plan trains beyond the 13.1 race distance, this is the intermediate 1/2 marathon training plan from coolrunning.com.

I love having a plan set for me…..hubby will back into the training routine as well:

Hubby: how many miles do you have to run tomorrow?

Me: (the mileage for the next day)…

He is very supportive, but I am trying to convince him to run with me this year, so instead he can ask “how many miles are WE running tomorrow?” He of course would start on the beginner plan.

My schedule:

Week Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
1 Off 4M 6M 4M 6M 3M 8M
2 Off Fartlek (5M) 3M 5M 6M 3M 9M
3 Off 5-6 Hills 5K-10K pace 3M 6M 6M 3M 10M
4 Off Fartlek (5M) 3M 6M 6M 3M 8M
5 Off 4-5 Long Hills 5K-10K pace 4M 6M 6M 3M 11M
6 Off 6 x 880s 5K-10K pace 4M 7M 7M 4M 8M
7 Off 3 x Mile 5K-10K pace 4M 7M 7M 3M 12M
8 Off 6 x 880s 5K pace 5M 7M 7M 4M 9M
9 Off 4 x Mile 5K-10K pace 4M 7M 7M 4M 14M
10 Off 6 x 880s 5K pace 5M 8M 8M 5M 15M
11 Off 5M 5M 8M 7M 4M 8M
12 Off 4M 4M 6M 4M 3M RACE DAY

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