Spring Break….Day one

5:43 AM….I hear a whimpering, Jon goes in to check on Santanna, she has thrown up all over ūüė¶

6:03 Jon left for work Tanna is tucked in and has a “bowl”

6:40 I hear someone crying, I go into Avalon’s room…she is also throwing up.

Ahhh yeah, Spring break, Bring. It. On.!!!

The older kids had a blast the rest of the morning setting up a sick hospital upstairs, complete with patient cards with their diagnosis.  I just love seeing them care for each other when they are not feeling well.

We still managed to dye eggs, most of us anyway.

Yes at our house we use our hands ūüôā

Egg dying 2013

Both hands.

Egg dying 2013

And sometimes skewers?!

Egg dying 2013

The 2 big kids and I went to the gym and the played while I ran 3 miles and bikes 10.  Still going strong on my training plans for my 1/2 Marathon in May and my Dualathon in April.

Then we went to the Public Library and stocked up for the rest of vacation. We listen to LOTS of books on cassette tape, I mean to the point that is Jim Dale came and ate supper at our house, the kids might not even notice, his voice is just like the paint on the walls.

This is just a small sample of the 36 library books/stories we checked out. The rest are already being poured over in other spaces.


We has spaghetti for supper that was lip smacking delish!!

2013 March 1009 copy

Every Friday night we have a “Friday night movie” Original name I know.¬† Jon and I are not strict about many things but screen time, or audio-visual time as we call it, is one thing that we really limit.¬† They get one hour a day and most days it just doesn’t fit into the schedule.¬† So each Friday night we kick off the weekend with a big bowl of hot buttery popcorn and a movie of one persons choosing.¬† We rotate through all 4 kids, we get a lot of repeat Pocahontas, Homeward Bound and Disney’s Hercules.

Tonight was Solomon’s choice and he chose Goonies….Love this choice!!!!


I did forget that there are some “scary” moments, dead guy in the freezer with ice cream??!!¬†and a few bleep words, mostly the S— word but overall what a fun adventure movie for kids to watch!


HEEEEYYY YOU GUUUUUUUUYYYS!! Have a Happy Spring Break everyone!!

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