Du you want to join me?

A dear friend of mine that I really do not get to see very often, but is my tried and true running partner, just asked me last week to join her in a Dualathon. I have done this race before in a partnership, I ran and a guy rode the bike part. We took 4th, not bad!

This friend of mine is going to “du” the whole race herself, would I like to join her. Of course I would I love a challenge, mind you I am just starting week 2 of Intermediate 1/2 marathon training, however the folks at Final Stretch, who do a fantastic job on the races they put together, kindly laid out a training plan. Which actually will force provide me the opputunity to cross train on a two wheeler.

Here is the training plan for a dualathon that is a 2mile run, 14 mile bike, and 3 mile run. I think these are great lengths for a beginning duathaloner.


I really like to have a race planned for each month, sometimes if there are races locally that support a great cause as a family we will participate in more than one, but for now I am committed to:

April: Cannon Falls Duathalon

May: Med City 1/2 Marathon (and I will probably run the 5K the day before)

October: Mankato Full Marathon.

Looks like I need to find something for March still!



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