Happy Spring???

Dear Spring-

I know we had fun when we were together, I am sorry I left you behind for summer, but she was fun.  She made my skin glow; she didn’t mind if I only wore a swim suit all day under shorts and a tank, she warmed me up when your showers ended.

Summer,  she left on a whimsy, then it got cold, winter came he was dark and cold, had that bad boy feel, I am known to like, I chased that bad boy down some hills, but he is still dark and stormy, and refuses to leave.

Please can we give it another chance?  Winter doesn’t bring me flowers like you do, doesn’t make me feel hopeful.

I need that spring.

Please come back.

I am buried in snow with more in sight?!?!?

All my love


Avalon get the news that preschool is cancelled AGAIN:

2013 March 001 copy

All out angst at the idea of not going to activities again…get it all out girl!

2013 March 006 copy

Mind you this time last year it was in the 80’s….!!

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