Still lightening the load.

Sunday Raiven and I tackled her room.

It took most of the day, she was more helpful than I had anticipated, and I think she now feels very proud of her room…again…until the next time 🙂

It is amazing the amount of school papers, treats, notes , gifts and other random that kids acquire from school and friends and activities. Also if it was up to Raiven, she would keep it ALL, every card that someone took the time to put her name on. I love this about her, her sweet nature, however, I think I might have hurt my ankle trying to walk around the bed to tuck her in last Friday, so I played the “we need to clean your room” mom card.

I know I still need to post photos of her room redo, but first we needed it clean.

WE unloaded a pile of clothes to her sister, one to my eBay sell pile, 3 bags of garbage (Styrofoam from product boxes, some broken toys etc. she is not a true hoarder), 2 bags to donate, and a small pile that I am adding to the Fab Five February count, I promised her to give these items a chance for sale locally, brining our total to 28…yikes, we are behind!:


raiven 013 raiven 011 raiven 010 raiven 009 raiven 008 raiven 007 raiven 005 raiven 002


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